VMware – Update the compatibility version of a VM (Virtual hardware)

When upgrading your VMware solution, you can update the VM (Virtual Hardware) compatibility.

This update is not possible in power-on machine, it is necessary to turn off your virtual machine.


Attention, the downgrade of your virtual machine is only possible in the following cases:     

  • Use a snapshot made before updating your machine     
  • Use VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and select a specific version for your VM     
  • Create a new machine with a desired version and attach existing drives


To get started, look for the version number on your machine and turn it off.

On this one, right-click and navigate in the options All vCenter Actions -> Compatibility -> Updrade VM Compatibility …

At this step, fill in the compatibility level for your machine.

Now, validate for the upgrade to begin. The operation takes a few seconds.

When the operation is complete, your machine has now been updated. Turn it back on and make sure everything is working.

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